The Bury/Bolton ME/CFS Support Group is aimed at supporting ME/CFS sufferers and their carers. There are an estimated 680 sufferers in Bolton and 460 in Bury, according to Action for ME national figures.  

If you wish to become a member of the group, please print off this form (PDF file), or this form (Word doc) with your donation and send to the address at the bottom.

  NICE Guidelines and Understanding the NICE Guidelines
  What You Need To Know About My condition (for hospital stays)

Our volunteer named Woman of the Year 2013!
: Our carers' representative and group co-founder, Yvonne Leech, was named Woman of the Year 2013 at the Fusion Awards! Yvonne has worked for the recognition of ME for 30 years and made sure the views of carers' are taken into consideration. Congratulations Yvonne, we are very proud of you! See the Bury Times article here and watch her interview here.

Our main meetings are held at: Longsight Methodist Church Hall, Longsight Lane, Harwood, Bolton, BL2 3HX
on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30pm, except April, August and December (Prestwich and Radcliffe socials on all year round).

Our main meetings are held at Longsight Methodist Church, Harwood, Bolton, BL2 3HX, on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30pm, except in April, August and December.

They either have a speaker who talks to us about various topics, e.g. nutrition, equipment to help around the home, reflexology, etc. After the talk, there is usually time for members to chat.

Other times, we have social evenings which have no speaker and are an opportunity for members to chat over tea, coffee and biscuits. Tables will be placed around the room for groups of around 5 or 6. Entrance is 1 and refreshments provided(inc gluten/dairy free, etc).
Carers are more than welcome to join us.

Next Longsight, Harwood meetings:


Thursday 15th May 7:30pm: Dr Raymond Perrin Osteopath and founder of The Perrin Technique, will be speaking to us about his latest research.

Thursday 19th June 7:30pm: Tracy Hughes, Holistic Therapist  She does reiki and massage and has been recommended by members. She is based in Tottington.

Thursday 17th July 7:30pm: Bring and Share Summer Supper Social  : Our second annual bring and share summer supper, where we all bring food to share. There are always plenty of leftovers and lots of gluten/egg/dairy free, etc.

The meetings last about a hour to one and a half hours.

At the meetings, Carole who runs the library, holds a stall with all the available books to borrow. Click here for more details and a complete list of books we have.

It is on bus route 507. View on Google Maps

We meet in the Methodist Church, the large stone building (not the smaller church hall opposite which we used to meet in). We can still use the same car park behind the church hall, opposite. There are also double yellow lines outside the front of the church, and to the side, so you can park on there if you show a valid blue badge and time disc. There is a long wheelchair ramp up the front entrance. There is normal parking on the road further down Longsight (the main road) and Longsight Lane (the side road).

The Church's address is Longsight Church Hall, Longsight, Harwood, BL2 3HX. The Church does not have a number itself, but is next to house number 120 Longsight, so the best Sat Nav instructions to use are 120 Longsight, BL2 3HX. Longsight Church is a large stone building on the main road. It is on the 507 bus route. Please come and join us for our meetings, you are welcome to bring a friend, relative, etc.

Carers and friends are more than welcome at any of our meetings!

The church has a well-sized car park and the ramps at the entrance provide good wheelchair access. The Harwood meetings are either a social, or have a guest speaker. Speakers talk to us about various topics, e.g. nutrition, equipment to help around the home, reflexology, etc. After the talk, there is usually time for members to chat.

The social evenings have no speaker and are an opportunity for members to chat over tea, coffee and biscuits. Tables will be placed around the room for groups of around 5 or 6. Please help us at the end, by putting away your own chair if you are able. Carers are more than welcome to join us. The entrance fee is 1 (to pay to rent the church for the evening.) Refreshments are provided, with gluten/dairy free, etc catered for as well.

Please see the "Future Meetings" page for directions.

Prestwich Socials: *THESE HAVE MOVED TO THE CHURCH INN, PRESTWICH!* Attendance has picked up in recent months at the Prestwich socials. Maybe because there are have no Sparking Clog socials in Radcliffe whilst they undergo their refurbishment, or the danger of them stopping have increased attendance.

Now the Clog socials will be starting again, we will see how attendance at Prestwich continues. Please note change of venue to The Church Inn, 40 Church Lane, Prestwich, M25 1AJ. This has level access and free parking outside.

***Unfortunately, due to poor attendance, our Prestwich socials are in danger of being cancelled. We understand people may be unwell, or have other things on that day, but they were set up in response to demand and if numbers do not improve, we may have to stop these and just have our Harwood and Radcliffe meetings.

Please check on Facebook first to check it is still going ahead, as that's the quickest and easiest way, or call Maria on 07867862341 if you are not on Facebook. We are sorry to have to do it this way, apologies those not online, but it is either this or stop them altogether. The next Prestwich social is 14th May, 2pm. Don't forget, we also meet in Harwood and Radcliffe!

Radcliffe Socials: Our Radcliffe Social Group meets informally on the first Wednesday of each month, at 2pm, at The Sparking Clog, Radcliffe Moor Road, Radcliffe, M26 3WY. It has plenty of parking, good accessibility, comfortable seating, is relatively quiet and serves snacks and meals. We usually meet on the oval table next to the bar.

The Sparking Clog is set to reopen after refurbishment at the end of April, so all being well, our next Radcliffe socials will be on the first Wednesdays of the month again- Wednesday 7th May, and Wednesday 4th June at 2pm. The Sparking Clog has ample parking and is wheelchair accessible. We will put our newsletter on the table, so you can recognise us. The address is Moor Road, Radcliffe, Bury, M26 3WY.

Yoga Classes: Are 3:30pm-4:30pm on Tuesdays at the Jubilee Centre, Darley Street (off Eskrick St), Bolton, BL1 3DX. Designed to cater for the average ME sufferer, classes are free and yoga mats are provided. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Contact Olivia on 07746 197511, or for more information.
Classes are free due to funding provided by Comic Relief

Bury/Bolton ME/CFS Service:

Please see our "M.E Clinic News" page for more details on the service. New patients need to be referred to the Service by their G.P and have blood work send with the referral.

Existing patients, if they are encountering problems, may self refer back to the service by phoning the Clinic, for up to 12 months after their course of therapy has been completed. After that time they may be re-referred by contacting their G.P. This applies to both Bolton and Bury patients. At present all patients are seen at the Bolton Breightmet Clinic, except for extremely severe cases, where home visits may be arranged.

If you ask your doctor to refer you to the Bury or Bolton ME/CFS Clinics, please ask for a referral to:

CFS/ME Clinic
Breightmet Health Centre
Breightmet Fold Lane

Telephone: 01204 462 765

Neuro Support 4 Salford Meeting:
This was set up by Greater Manchester Neurological Alliance to identify the people in Bury, patients and their carers, with long term neurological conditions, including ME. It will be used from time to time to seek the views of those people as to how service provision, medical and social, can be improved. GMNA, Innovation Forum, Frederick Road, Salford M6 6FP.
See their website, email or phone 0161 743 3701

Bury Neuro Support:

  • Bishop Ashton Room, Bury Parish Church Hall
  • (Some parking available in Church grounds)
  • With a guest speaker
Tel: 0161 742 7485 Email:

Interested in becoming a member?
Please visit the "Join Us" page for an application form.

  • Our Meetings
  • Newsletter
  • What We Offer

    What about our meetings?:

    Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 7.30pm until 9pm-ish, except in April, August and December. The March meeting is our AGM and November is our bring and share buffet social.

    These meetings are held at: Longsight Methodist Church, Longsight Lane, Harwood, Bolton, BL2 3HX.

    The church has a well-sized car park and a ramp at the entrance provide good wheelchair access.
    The entrance fee is 1 (to pay to rent the church for the evening) and refreshments are provided (gluten/dairy free catered for).

    Carers and friends also welcome! Please try to avoid wearing strongly scented toiletries when you attend the meetings, as some members are very sensitive to these products.

    Members are welcome to borrow our electric scooters or manual wheelchair (see "Contact Us" page).

    The Newsletter:

    The monthly newsletter (currently funded by Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards)  is put together by members of the group and proves a great read! It includes summaries of talks given to the group, future meeting dates, recent press articles,findings from the latest ME/CFS studies, book reviews,helpful hints for ME/CFS sufferers/carers and more. Contact information for other ME/CFS groups (as seen on our "Helpful Contacts" page) is given on the back page. You can see previous articles on the "Newsletter Articles" page.

    What we offer:

    • Regular meetings, 9 times a year on the third Thursday of the month, alternating between speakers and socials. Carers are very welcome too! There are no meetings in April, August or December.

    • Afternoon socials in Prestwich and Radcliffe

    • Private Facebook group

    • Free yoga sessions, Tuesdays at 3:15pm-4:15pm at the Jubilee Centre, Bolton, kindly funded by Comic Relief

    • A monthly newsletter for members, MPs, Health Authorities and other bodies.

    • A well-stocked library of books and CDs.

    • Immediate access to research reports through the national ME/CFS charities' publications.

    • Help and advice on benefits.

    • Links with all other ME/CFS/CFS Groups in the North West through regional meetings and shared newsletter exchange. Growing links with other Groups in the UK.

      And much more! Come and visit us - or see our "Contact Us" page for further information!